Author: Bronwyn James


Welcome to SUPER EARTH! It’s just like regular Earth, but super! It has so much managed democracy that the bugs and androids are trying to STEAL it! Hide your children, hide your wives. Because the bugs WILL kill them. And only YOU can stop that from happening. Join the Helldivers TODAY!  If you’re not convinced that all the yelling is necessary, then I suggest watching the propaganda … uh, promotional material for the Helldivers. That will definitely convince you of something. The first Helldivers came out in 2015 to positive reviews, and quickly developed a cult following. Helldivers 2…

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I’ve always been fond of JBL for making no nonsense, decent quality audio products. But I also have never found a set of earbuds that fit me properly, that I would consider swapping my over ear headphones for. So imagine my surprise when I reached for my new JBL Quantum TWS Air earbuds over my old faithful headphones. Straight off the bat, the JBL Quantum TWS Air earbuds are a nice, simple, and sleek design. They’re a bit slimmer than some of the other buds I’ve seen recently from Samsung or Yamaha, and they don’t have the weird stick…

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